Tips for trying on your dress at home 

Be sure to wash your hands before taking the gown out of the bag.

Make sure the floor is clean, we suggest standing on a rug or a sheet.

Have your wedding day shoes and underwear ready to try with the dress.

If possible step into your gown rather than putting it on over your head.  If you are wearing a petticoat put this on the ground and then lay the dress over the top.  Then step into the two and pull them up around your waist at the same time.   The petticoat wires are colour coded and you should insert them into the corresponding casings which are on the centre back seam of the underskirt.  Take care when unwrapping the wires, they can pop out suddenly and could hurt you.

Have someone there with you to help you with back fastenings.  If your dress has a net (tulle) top section take care as these are very fragile and can easily tear.  Someone with very long sharp nails may not be the best person to fasten these up.  

Unsure of the fit ? Remember your dress is still a work in progress and needs final alterations by our dressmaker.  We like to give this reminder since your last memory of your gown was a perfectly fitted sample dress (once we had applied loads of pins and adjusted the sample to fit your body perfectly). 

It can sometimes be surprising for brides to realise they aren’t feeling the same love for their brand new dress. Never fear – our brides have always been overjoyed at the final results once the tailoring is complete, and the dress feels even better than the day you first fell in love.

Unsure of the size? You were sized into a gown that fits the largest measuement of your body.  If your measurements come up between sizes we will have ordered you the larger size.  Because of this your gown will probably be loose in some areas, but maybe not all areas.  Its best to have a gown fit loosely at first and have it tailored to you, rather than be too tight and have the fabric pull.  

Does your dress have a corset fastening at the back?  We have instructions for correct fastening of these.  Let us know your email address and we will send them out to you.

Common alterations that night be needed ? Straps too loose – bustline is not sitting against the body – neckline is baggy – hem is too long (do you need a petticoat to lift the hem? are you wearing the same shoes you were measured in?) Sleeves may to too long or too loose.  These are just a few – there are many, many more which we can help you with.  Just ask.

Has your body changed since you first tried on?  This is very common since it can take six month (or more) for a gown to arrive.  We completely understand lots of brides may also have had to postpone the wedding day for one reason or another, and this may be for a long time.  Please don’t worry about this, just be honest with us when you come to your alterations fitting.  There are very few instances where we can’t solve a fitting issue with some clever tailoring.  Over the years we have heard practically ever story and we can be very inventive when is comes to problem solving. 

Once you have tried on your dress always make sure you hand the dress up carefully. Ensure you hang it by the ribbon hangers loops (usually these are placed at the top of the underarm or side seam ) as well as the straps of the gown.  This will help to support the weight of the dress.  Especially important if your dress has a net or illusion top.  

Storage – Wherever possible you should store your gown in a dress box with acid free tissue paper for long term storage.  If this is not possible it will be perfectly ok stored hanging in the gown cover provided for a few months.